• Big Boy Pack
    $59.95 Big Boy Pack
    Humungous. Behemoth. Gargantuan. Herculean. For the guy who likes his things "man-sized", our Big Boy Pack has the works - all of our Beauty Mate hair and skin care products, plus a choice of Beauty Mate...
  • Good On You Pack
    $39.95 Good On You Pack
    Its a truly Australian pack and it is what it says it is, it makes you feel great, and its 'good on you'. Item 1: Shampoo 200mlItem 2: Moisturiser 100ml Item 3: Form 100g...
  • Head & Hair Job Pack
    $44.95 Head & Hair Job Pack
    Nothing gives you a better happier ending than great grooming products like the ones found in this enticing pack.                              ...
  • Nude Nut Pack
    $34.95 Nude Nut Pack
    Whether it's by choice or he has his mother's father to thank, let's be blunt - a nude nut isn't going to find shampoo or conditioner particularly useful, is he?  That's why the Nude Nut Pack is perfect - Beauty...
  • Sports Pack
    $44.95 Sports Pack
    Get out and about!  The good cop, the bad cop, the rockstar, the comedian, the motivator, the disciplinarian, he's more versatile than Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro put together...

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