Beauty Mate is a quality range of Australian made hair and face products that do the job, without the fuss.

BM - Facts

Offering a fresh, new approach to men's grooming, Beauty Mate was developed by an Australian guy looking for a stylish, yet straightforward range of products that cater for an active lifestyle and the types of conditions that don't do men's hair or skin any favours. Backed by our 'Good on You' money back guarantee, why not give it a go.

BM - News

Footy season is back and it's time to sharpen up your game. To stand out from the crowd, make sure you are doing what it takes to look the goods by purchasing some of our products online. For more information on everything BM be sure to have a read through our blog.

BM - Going Viral

Beauty Mate decided to get nice and clear with the tried and tested blokes ritual "shower, shave, sh##' routine and put together a fun video to highlight the differences between men and women and in particular their beauty routine. We think it's hilarious and hope you will too. Check it out here and be sure to tell your friends what you think. Til then it's a Beauty Mate - Good on You!

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